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Chocolat Occasions Collection

Exquisitely cocoa-butter printed fine art on fine chocolat.

The Chocolat Acclaimed

"Too Beautiful To Eat And Too Luxurious Not To."

Your Photography or Artwork On Chocolat
Portrait Tablet or Puzzle

Family Portrait.jpg

7.75 x 5 x .33 in. - 1 lb.



7.75 x 5 x .50 in. - 1.25 lb. - 12 ganache filled puzzle pieces


Showers Weddings Anniversaries

Elevated Custom Chocolat Favors
Your Digital Photography Printed In Cacao-Butter On Luxury Chocolat Tablets & Puzzles

Jean Wedding Invitation

Eros Love Wedding Memories

Custom Imaged Photography On Chocolat

To Memorable to Eat

Storge Love Anniversary Memories

Custom Imaged Photography On Chocolat

Orders and Inquires
Telephone 805.979.5100
Digital Photography or Artwork Is Required
Email Artwork: Artice@ChocolArt.Studio

Custom Chocolates - Private Affairs & Events
Your Artwork Replicated
Invitations - Announcements - Menus - Bonbon Favors



Chocolat Occasions Collection

Imaginatively Elevated Expressions Of One's Thoughtfulness For Any Occasion.

More Eloquent Than An Occasional Greeting Card,

More Memorable Than Flowers,

The Only Chocolat Acclaimed "Too Beautiful To Eat, And Too Pleasurable Not To".


Couverture Chocolat Tablets

Picasso - Van Gogh - Ellison

Chocolat Tiles - Tablets - Puzzles

 Cézanne on Chocolat



Museum Art on Couverture Chocolat Tablets & Puzzles

Chocolart's exclusive chocolat puzzles consist of 12 ganache filled bon bon puzzle pieces.

Portrait Tablets are solid couverture dark chocolat.

To personally memorialize your celebratory or gifting occasion

a blank enveloped note card accompanies elegantly gift boxed ChocolArt.


Dark Semi-Sweet (82% Cacao) Chocolat

Couverture Ganache

Chocolat - Chocolat Hazelnut - Chocolat Chambord - Caramelia


7.75 x 5 x .33 in. - 1 lb.



7.75 x 5 x .50 in. - 1.50 lb. - 12 pieces



Our proprietary cacaogravure technique synergizes artisan chocolatiering and cybernated technologies

in coalescing refined cocoa butter together with botanical extracts are artfully formulated

to render the artist palette of tasteless edible pigments employee to preserve the savor of luxurious couverture chocolat

on which  we exquisitely laser replicate digitalized visual art

Originating A Proprietary Cocoagravure Technique That Coalesces

Refine Cocoa Butter With Organic Horticultural Extracts

To Render The Exquisitely Pixelated Full-Color Replication Of Any Digitized Still Media Onto Chocolat.

Telephone: 805.979.5100 - Toll Free: 833.567.5200

Email: Artice@ChocolArt.Studio



A Cadeau des Cieux, le Chocolatiere Company

Montecito, California 93108


ChocolArt Studio is open to the public for custom project consulting by appointment.

Chocolat Occasions

Visit our chocolatiere at
Haute Chocolates, Bon Vivant Patisserie & Architectural Desserts

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